09/23/13 Camping


The Camping Checklist

If your vehicle can move with all this loaded.... it must be a 18 Wheeler

Print this out and check off as you put it in the vehicle. Of course, some of these items are optional.

Garbage Bags - Please Don't Litter.
A friend with his vehicle.   


Leather gloves
Coat, light jacket if needed for overnight
Rain gear
Rubber boots
Extra pair of shoes and socks - wet feet make you miserable

Are you going to stay for more than a day? Snacks are great for ... well, a snack. But having a great campout means being comfortable and busy - or comfortable and lazy if you have someone with you who likes to be busy. Cooking takes care of a fair amount of time that you would normally spend in front of the TV. Once you get the camp set up and fire wood collected what are you gonna do? A good meal is fun and something to talk about when you get back home, "We had steaks and potatoes with mushrooms and sour cream - and for breakfast...."

Garbage Bags - Don't Litter
Drinks - Cokes, Tea, Milk, Beer, Scotch (both a single and double malt to be sure)
Eggs and Bacon
Bread or buns
Meat to cook that's easy - steaks, fried fish, burgers
Vienna sausage, summer sausage, sardines


Garbage Bags - Don't Litter
Hi-Lift Jack
Chainsaw - 12" to 14". On a trail ride (my first) I was told that if the Forest Ranger saw it he would hassle me. My view of this is that I don't cut down live trees, but a dead tree laying on the ground is fair game. This can be done to clear a trail after a storm or to put limbs under the tires or build a fire if you're freezing (as someone pointed out).
Oil for chainsaw gas and small gas can
Tow strap and chain
Full set hand tools
3/8 drive sockets - 3/8" to 7/8" and 10mm to 18mm
1/2 drive sockets - 9/16" to 1-1/4" and 14mm to 22mm
1/4 drive sockets - 1/4" to 1/2" and 6mm to 12mm
ratchets - 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, extensions, swivels
wrenches - 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" to 7/8" and 8mm to 24mm
needle nose pliers
channel locks
12 volt test light
torx head set (I think 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70 ? sizes)
allen wrenches (plus 3/8 allen wrench) inch sizes and metric
2 lb hand mall
Front hub nut socket VERY IMPORTANT
1/4 12 point box end wrench for pulling the spider gear retainer pin
Shovel - small
Air Compressor
Jumper Cables


Fluids - Gear oil, ATF, motor oil, brake fluid, front hub grease
Tire patch kit
Belts and Hoses or just check them

Camping Gear

Garbage Bags - Don't Litter
Nylon string
Sleeping bag(s)
Machete and Knife
Cookware and utensils
Shower/cleaning water. At Wal-Mart they have a black container that is for showering. The black plastic will absorb heat during the day and warm it up. This is also good for storing water.
Folding Chairs


Rod and reel. I have a 3 ft snoopy rod with a Zebco 33 I like for this.
Hooks, sinkers, corks
Box of worms and crickets. Crickets die easy so bring worms, too.
For those die hard anglers - bring your favorite artificial baits and your open face.
Filet knife.


Garbage Bags - Don't Litter
Towels - to dry off if your lucky enough to find a shower
Soap and shampoo and water for cleaning
Aspirin. Take medicine, etc.? Better get it.
Do you wear contacts, you need saline and glasses if you have problem.
First Aid kit with Snake bite kit
Matches and lighters
CB Radio
Jerry Cans for gas and water
Bring plenty of lighting for night repairs
Check your spare if its doubtful.
Know the area you'll be driving so that you won't pass the "last chance" gas station on the way

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